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Welcome to Global Expo, an esteemed initiative by Global Conference Alliance Inc. Our Expo provides a broad stage for companies, organizations, and individuals to exhibit their products, services, or ideas to a vast audience. Our curated events often center around significant themes or industries, including real estate, garments, gems & jewelry, food products, infrastructure, tourism, handloom, engineering products, IT & IT-enabled services, Ayurvedic products, government organizations, business services, and more.

Global Expo aims to unite diverse individuals, innovators, and entrepreneurs worldwide. We aspire to create a universal platform that applauds variety and inventiveness. With our seasoned event management experts, we have meticulously crafted seminars and workshops across the globe, consistently providing exceptional experiences. With their collective wisdom, we embark on a
grand journey to bridge multicultural communities through a world-class expo.

Our comprehensive understanding of Canada’s vibrant cultural landscape underpins our approach, enabling us to create unparalleled experiences for attendees, exhibitors, and partners. We are dedicated to establishing lasting connections, sparking innovative ideas, and cultivating significant conversations that transcend geographical borders.

The Global Expo embodies our vision of a globally interconnected community. It’s a unique confluence of ideas, innovations, and collaborations. Situated at the intersection of creativity, innovation, and cultural exchange, our Expo showcases a variety of sectors, such as fashion, design, art, technology, health & wellness, real estate, garments, gems & jewelry, food products, infrastructure, tourism, handloom, engineering products, IT & IT-enabled services, Ayurvedic products, government organizations, business services, and gastronomy, amongst others.

We extend our warm invitation to everyone. Whether you’re a professional, a hobbyist, or a visionary, we value and welcome your involvement in our collective celebration of global diversity. Networking is a fundamental aspect of the Global Expo experience. We create a vibrant atmosphere where industry professionals can foster partnerships, identify emerging markets, and share knowledge. The Expo is more than just an event; it’s a portal to mutually beneficial relationships, enhanced by our carefully curated seminars, workshops, and panel discussions led by distinguished industry figures.

Join us in this remarkable journey of diversity and creativity at Global Expo. We invite all attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and partners to participate in this global symphony of ideas and inspirations. Get ready to explore, engage, and be captivated by the richness of global living that awaits you.

On behalf of the entire Global Conference Alliance Inc. team, we eagerly await your participation at the Global Expo. Welcome to a world of ideas, innovation, and inspiration!

EXPO OverView

Global Conference Alliance organizes Global Expo, the Best lifestyle exhibition in Canada, with the promise of an evolutionary experience. The Lifestyle Expo Canada 2024 unites individuals, innovators, and entrepreneurs worldwide, fostering networking, partnerships, and knowledge sharing. We exhibit various sectors from fashion to technology and tie the ideas with global diversity and creativity.

EXPO Purpose

The Global Expo in Canada aims to provide an exciting and dynamic experience to the attendees by demonstrating the latest trends, innovations, and inspirations from around the world. Besides, the upcoming Expo in Vancouver, Canada can be the best creative hub that’ll combine industry leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and enthusiasts, opening a limitless possibility and the door to valuable connections.



At the Lifestyle Expo in Canada we systematically strategize on thorough marketing, promotional activities, and brand building to increase reach, and enthusiasm and bring more traffic, utilizing both online and offline platforms.


Our goal is to enlighten our audience with engaging lectures, workshops, and interactive experiences. The Lifestyle Expo in Canada aims for success by generating business prospects through authentic interactions between exhibitors and guests.


Here at the Lifestyle Exhibition in Canada, we aim to attract a diverse and engaged audience comprising individuals and businesses passionate about exploring new lifestyle trends, products, and opportunities worldwide.


Our Premium Vendor

We proudly feature our honored industry leaders who serve as premium vendors at the Global Lifestyle Exhibition in Canada.

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